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At the Zoo


   As kids we have fond memories of visiting the zoo with our parents, grandparents and  on school trips. We would go and learn about the amazing animals, see the large elephant and watch the monkeys swing and jump around. Everyone looks and focuses on the animal when visiting a zoo. What happens when you remove the animal and notice what makes the enclosed environment?

We start to notice the large paintings that act as a filler to the environment to make the enclosure look like the animals natural environment. We notice how much concrete is used to represent rock, and trees for the animal to climb, hide, and rub against. As animals spend every day in the same enclosure zookeepers add "toys" to keep the animal entertained. Balls, cardboard, plastic items, and even kiddy pools are given to the animal to play and entertain themselves. Repetitive movement is a sign of effects captivity can have on an animal. The markings of walking back and forth, scratching on the glass or environment are noticeable to the public but reasons why are never given. The viewer is so focused on the animal to notice anything wrong or right about the enclosure the animal is in and brings to question are we trying to entertain the animal or the visitor that comes to the zoo?

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