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15 Day Food Challenge


   Food is a major element in order for humans and animals to survive. We are told on a constant basis what to eat, what not to eat. What is healthy and what is bad for us. What foods will help us grow and be strong and what foods might do harm to our bodies. We never stop to think twice that breakfast is a major part of our day that will guide us what to eat throughout the day. Do we really think twice about eating processed food for a snack or dinner, or is that salad really healthy?

  In this series of I focus on photographing the foods that I eat during the day in a fifteen day period of a weight loss challenge that I began. While not focusing on losing the most weight during this challenge I focus on how the consumption of food effects our judgement.  These portraits show my relationship with food as I give an inside look at eating healthy on some days and not so healthy on others. As I photograph each item of food before consumption with using the My-Plate method, I am controlling my proportion size and increasing my vegetables and protein however, that is quickly over shadowed when I consume chips or donuts.  

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