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Fine Art Portfolio

About Me

Born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico and now resides in Chicago, IL. Lena always had a passion for photography since a young age after a family trip to Yellowstone National Park. She started off as a landscape photographer due to the vas New Mexico landscape all around her but it wasn't until undergrad that she turned the camera around and started to create self portraits. As always having an interest in True Crime. Lena explored the happenings around the U.S/ Mexican Border and created series Discarded Beauty. While in grad school she turned the camera around again but this time to a community close and dear to her heart. Lena joined with Autism Speaks Chicago and local Autism schools to create portraits of individuals of all ages and all levels on the spectrum while creating series Non and Luke and We are Human.

Lena now teaches photography to all ages around Chicagoland and in 2015 started her own freelance studio Vieira Photo.



Masters Degree
Columbia College 

Studied under photographers Dawoud Bey, Bob Thall, Paul D'Amato and many others. 

College photographer and internship with Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL


Bachelors Degree
New Mexico State University

Studied under photographer David Taylor. 

Marched as a Skyrider colorguard member for Pride of New Mexico Marching band.

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