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We are Human 

     Autism is a developmental disorder that one out of sixty children born today are diagnosed with. The exact cause of Autism remains unknown, however; the disorder is evaluated on a low to high spectrum where certain characteristics are more obscure than others. Repetitive behavior, verbal communication issues, and the difficulty to adjust one’s gaze are some of the common characteristics that individuals with Autism share.

     In this project, I have photographed children and young adults with Autism that I met through Giant Steps in Lisle, Illinois, and also through the Autism Speaks Organization. Each of my subjects have been diagnosed on the different levels of the Autism spectrum where I allow each of them to represent who they are in front of the camera. The photographs are paired with unrelated text, sourced from online forums posted by family members, relatives, and persons with Autism that have been personally victimized, discriminated against or been a witness to bullying. The relationship of bold words emphasize the de-humanization that our culture has placed on Autism due to the lack of understanding the disorder.

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